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Florence T.

Lead designer at Substantial in Seattle, WA.

I balance data with ideas

I help strategize the product and project roadmap towards tangible outcomes using research and prototypes.

I build infrastructure for change

I help build products iteratively to respond to behavioral, cultural, and market changes through usability testing and impact driven planning.

The skinny

I design big and craft the small

I design cohesive, branded user experiences from sketches, flows, feature planning, to the visual and interactive system.

I lead by listening

I help foster team growth and productivity by having "big ears", facilitating, mentoring, and learning from others.

At a glance

    • Leadnote - Hit the Floor

    A series of promotional posters for a local breakdancing competition for high-school students in Calgary, AB. Words were pulled from hip-hop bands.

    • (2011)
    • - Maps of the USA

    A visual-memory survey of the USA. Tumblr

    • (2012)
    • Plantly -
      UI & Illustrations

    Plantly is a new breed of online investment advice service that helps everyday Americans find a better place for their hard-earned cash. They are part of a new movement of start-ups that want to see a better breed of financial tools come out of their city NY. (UI work under NDA)

    • (2010)
    • Nike - NXN

    “RunNXN is a real-time Facebook app that pulls in race-day data from the RFID chips on runners’ shoes and pushes it out to supporters on Facebook. It also features a live broadcast of the event (with multiple camera angles!), as well as a live chat feed-enabling fans to comment and engage with one another as if they were watching the race in person.”

    Supporters can post a customized cheer using a selection of colors and text sizes, and are able to auto-tag their Facebook friends.

    • Wieden+Kennedy (2012)
    • - Findings

    • (Ongoing)
    • - Sketches at Central Park

    • (2011)
    • - Stack
      Display font concept

    Type exploration

    • (2010)
    • Coke - Ahhh
      UX concepts

    The Ahh campaign has been successful in publishing fun and delightful single-player games. But some experiences can be even more fun when they’re shared with a friend. We propose to bring groups of people together by introducing a multi- player game paradigm to the Ahh universe. Mobile devices can be easily synced with one another to create a multi-player environment. The devices can share screens to create a continuous landscape or unique individual screens, all the while interacting with each other. Our cell phones become a controller, a screen, and a player in the game.

    • Wieden & Kennedy (2013)
    • Substantial -

    We express the brand by answering the question, “what do we do” in a way that is simple and compelling. Single, familiar words communicate brand and projects in a way that’s understandable to every audience.

    • Substantial (2013)
    • In collaboration with Vik Sharma
    • - Before 9 After 5
      App concept

    The obligatory to-do app design. A focus on just two actions: adding to your general to-do and dragging up the ones to do today.

    • (2013)
    • - People looking at art

    Submission for Emily Carr’s 90th anniversary coloring book.

    • (2015)
    • White Box UofO - ruffle

    ruffle is an exhibition featuring work from a small group of Portland-based women working across the art and design spectrum. The group was created to help facilitate cross-disciplinary dialogue and critique. This exhibition is one manifestation of these conversations.

    • L.A.W.D PDX (2013)
    • - At the park with Georges

    Re-interpreation of Georges-Pierre Seurat’s “A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte”

    • (2013)
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